5 tips to start learning Spanish or any other language.

I know, you have been thinking for a while to start learning a language. It is an unfinished business that you keep putting off because you always find a cheeky excuse to not do it:

"I do not have time, I have tones of work, when will I have time to do the lesson?, I have to bath the kids" but I am sure you have time to check your latest posts on Social Media, am I right?

What if I tell you that with these five tips you could start learning Spanish or any other language.

Do you have pen and paper? Write my little secrets, you will thank me later.

  1. Do not stress yourself. Set goals that you can achieve and you know that you are going to follow easily. You have already made your mind that you want to learn a language. Now, you need to find what it works best for you: doing some reading, for example: the news, watching some series in the language that you are learning or finding some lessons for you or convince a friend to join you in the adventure. Everything will work if you do not give up.

  2. Now that you found what works for you, be constant and keep trying even if at the beginning might be a bit challenging because everything is new for you. As much as you practice as better you will become and I can guarantee you that it is nothing more rewarding that going to a foreign country and be able to speak with the locals, you feel part of them.

  3. Keep a positive attitude and practice every chance that you get on the way. That's right a positive thinking is everything. If you tell yourself that you can learn the language that you want, you will do it. But this is not magic, you need to practise, do your homework, take every chance to practice everything that you have learnt with someone who you know,

speaks the language. It can be a friend, a workmate or your neighbour, your teacher. Do not be shy and try. They will do their best to help you out when you get stuck.

  1. Change your keyboard when you are write a message to your teacher, your friend or someone who you know speaks the language that you are learning. Why? Because, these days where the text corrector tells you that you made a spelling mistake, you can take it to your advantage, corrected and learn it for the next time. Trust me, I am a huge fan of the English and Italian keyboard.

  2. If the languages apps that you have download make you feel that you are not learning at a fast pace, you might like to consider to request help from a professional. At TheSpanishTeacher2.0, I like to personalise my lessons and give the chance to my students to learn Spanish in a very flexible timetable where they are the main characters of their learning that is dynamic and fun as well as motivating and instructive. Because we are not a traditional Spanish learning school. We are passionate about the learning and the culture. Would you like to try it? Get in contact to TheSpanishTeacher2.0 and claim your trial lesson for free.

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